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"Make 2018 The Year You Finally Write Your Nonfiction Authority Building Book."


With my "Authority" Book Coaching Program, You Get ONE FULL YEAR of UNLIMITED Coaching Calls.


One Simple Rule: Complete Your Homework Before You Schedule Your Next Call.


Whether you're an entrepreneur, professional, or freelancer, you need customers and clients to grow your business. I can help you write and publish a book that positions you as an authority and thought leader in your industry. When you're finished, you'll have a powerful tool that will help you to build and grow your business.


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"The Authority Book Coaching Program is designed to guide you through a book writing process for an entire year, while providing accountability, so you finally write and publish the book that positions you as an authority and thought leader in your industry."

Bill Frederick

Creator of Author-ity Book Coaching Program

How Book Coaching Works


Simply Click the Buy Now button below to Register for the Authority Book Coaching Program for ONE FULL YEAR for Only $1280 (less than $110/month).

Registration is easy and you are protected by our "Authority Book Coaching Program" Guarantee which says that during your first call if you don't feel like this is exactly what you need to start and finish writing your book to take your business to the next level and get real results, your money will be immediately refunded.



Schedule Your First Coaching Session.

Your first coaching session will be 30 minutes long and on that call we will identify how a book fits into your overall business goals and strategies to reach them. We will then agree on your first homework assignment so that you can make measurable progress. At the end of each call, you will get a recording of your session, confirmation of your homework, and a link to schedule your next coaching call.



Do Your Homework and Schedule Your Next Call!

Your homework is the set of tasks that you and I agree on. And when you've completed those tasks, you can schedule your next 15-minute laser coaching call. Some clients complete their homework and schedule their next call that very same day!


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Unlimited Top Notch Book coaching for one full year Guaranteed