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Let’s face it, for any business, traffic is paramount. For a startup, it’s everything. An up-to-date blog lets your potential customers know you’re serious about helping them solve their problems. Your blog will help you to become the recognized thought leader in your industry and give your business a game-changing framework for staying top-of-mind with your potential customers. Let’s be honest, you started your business to attract customers and make money. I’ll write the blog posts that will help do that for you.





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  Hi. I’m Bill and I can help you attract your ideal reader, build authority and brand recognition, and generate quality leads with kick-ass blog posts. If I were to take an educated guess, you’re one of the 99% of startups who is bootstrapping your business. You’re using personal savings, private loans, or you borrowed from family and friends to fund your startup. You’re passionate […]


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Is Your Call to Action an Invitation or a Demand?

Is Your Call to Action an Invitation or a Demand? (via 7 Graces of Marketing – Ethical Marketing for Social Entrepr) Many marketers think a Call to Action needs to create a sense of urgency. Consultant Lynn Serafinn tells how to create one that feels GOOD to your audience. There is one fundamental ingredient common to all approaches to marketing: the ‘Call to Action…

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Facebook #Hashtag Best Practices

For social media users familiar with Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Pinterest, or even LinkedIn, hashtags have become a common and popular way to discover new content and conversations. For the typical social media user, hashtags are a doorway to find and track relevant content and conversations. Last month, in an effort to challenge Twitter’s popularity, Facebook got on board the hashtag-bandwagon by  introducing hashtags to […]

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20 Authors Who are Crushing it on Pinterest

I’ve been playing with Pinterest sporadically for about a month now, but have only recently began to see its power to connect with and engage readers. I got the idea for this post from an interview between Sandra Beckwith and Andreea Ayers titled, “Pinterest for Books: How Authors, Publishers, and Others Can Use the Fastest-Growing Social Network for Book Promotion.” While listening to the interview […]

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